On receipt, we chronograph your rifle to establish a benchmark, strip it down and thoroughly clean it

Rough edges on internal surfaces will be corrected and most moving, mating parts will be polished
Relative components such as the bolt, hammer and valve stem will be refaced
to allow faster and a more more positive indexing

The hammer will be polished to allow smoother valve striking

The internal cylinder will be honed for cleaner air transfer

The valve will be cleaned for cleaner air transfer

The barrel will be cleaned

The bolt will be polished for smoother cocking

The trigger will be optimised to assist in accuracy (see below)

All seals will be replaced

Note that some rifles will incur an additional charge

Your rifle will be pressure tested for 24 hours, chronographed and you will receive a full printout

Your rifle will be quality checked, cleaned, photographed and returned to you

We DO NOT routinely service aftermarket parts including regulators